The EA is trading on a premium account with Hot Forex. If you want the same results as the provider account I suggest you open an account with Hot Forex and select a Premium account with 1:400 leverage. Of course you are free to use any broker that you wish as long as they allow hedging. But again, if you want the similar results as the provider account I suggest you open an account with Hot Forex as all brokers are slightly different. To open an account with Hot Forex please follow the link here.

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For the Automatic Trade Copier software to reach it's full potential it needs to be running 24 hours a day from the beginning of the market open on Monday to the close of the market on Friday. The best way to do this is to set up a Virtual Private Server or 'VPS 'for short. This a is remote computer that is connected to the internet all the time. The provider account is running on a VPS provided by Interserver. I would suggest a VPS with Windows OS and you need to choose 2 Slices. This will cost you $20 per month. To get a VPS from Interserver you can follow the link here

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Just fill out the form above and you will be registered for your HotForex account. Please note this is not your trading account. This is just your HotForex back office account which you will use to login to the HotForex website. From this account you can open as many live or demo trading accounts as you like.

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Windows Cloud VPS for $20, 1 CPU core and 2 slices.
Use Coupon code SOFEFS100 and reveive a discount on your first months bill.

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Just copy the details in the picture above when your configuring your VPS and make sure you enter the coupon code SOFEFS100 to receive a discount.