About Us

My name is Beau Hughes and I have been involved with Forex for 8 years now. 
Initially I was drawn towards the passive income that can be generated by EA's and focused on these in my early years. Some made money for me and others lost money.
Later I learnt to trade manually for myself. After studying many different approaches I prefer to trade a version of the market makers method combined with basic market patterns and occasionally harmonic patterns.
I decided to start Elite Forex Signals after helping my close friends and family to generate some passive income for themselves. Some of them suggested that I could also help others create a passive income stream for themselves.
My own money is invested and being traded by the EA that is the provider account. Therefore I have a vested interest in the continued profitable performance of the EA and the Trade Copier Service that I provide. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and family at our apartment in Singapore or at our villa in Bali. Trading the Forex market allows me to pursue my passion which is surfing. I can surf everyday if I wish and make an income trading.